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About JumpCross

JumpCross is the brainchild of Robin Dunlop, Grange Farm Equestrian Centre, Peterborough. After many years of building and observing cross-country courses and the manner in which they were ridden, Robin felt there must be a better way for both horse and rider to achieve a rhythmical, balanced style whilst developing a clean, accurate jumping technique.

So often it was seen that a junior was 'taken' round the course by their ponies, not necessarily being required to ride, just (hopefully) to steer, stop and stay on! What happens then when this young rider moves onto a horse? This is often when we see the struggle start, unsure of the correct positioning or aids to give, confusion and disappointment grows in both the jockey and his steed as the horse refuses many requests to jump. From this JumpCross was born......

JumpCross aims to provide all riders with a true cross-country sport with knock-down fences. It combines the excitement of cross-country with the accuracy of show jumping. Not as intimidating as solid fences for horse or rider, yet commanding balance, skill and respect in order to jump them cleanly. How often have you heard the rapping of hooves over cross-country fences? Is this what we want to teach our horses? JumpCross will help to teach riders to ride in rhythm and balance. By riding in balance with their horses they are much more likely to jump the fences cleanly.

The JumpCross course

The patented design of the JumpCross course, enables the poles to fall away from the horse should he knock them. This vastly reduces the possibility of rider injury should the horse hit the fence, he will merely run through it. The jumps are made from sturdy, shatter-proof, weather-proof plastic, and the 'patented' jump cups, with their round edges and unique design, poses less risk to both the horse and rider.

Who can do JumpCross?

Whether a seasoned competitor, nervous rider, coming back to jumping after injury, bringing on a young horse or just looking for something different? Then JumpCross is for YOU!

JumpCross is an invaluable training medium, the benefits spilling over into all aspects of the horses work, not just jumping.

There is a definite riding style emerging and the successful JumpCross horse and rider ride with a true 'togetherness' in balance, rhythm and that all important, confidence!

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