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How to Enter

> Call the JumpCross office on 01780 782356 or e-mail your full name and address stating which group entry forms you require (e-mails to: office@jumpcross.com).
> NON-MEMBERS will be required to hold a valid One Day JumpCross licence at a cost of £8.00 per Rider per day for Juniors and Seniors and £5.00 per Rider per day for Minis. A £5 fee will be charged for a JumpCross licence holder. A One Day Rider Licence enables a Rider to compete as part of a team at JumpCross sites around the country and across all groups for that day only.
A Rider licence is not required to compete at 'INTRO' level.
> It is the responsibility of riders wishing to compete in Group 3 or above to find a partner with whom to form a team.
The JumpCross office may be able to assist if you are having difficulties.

JumpCross team entry costs

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