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Rules of JumpCross


Minimum age for rider 7 years.
Juniors 7 – 15 years (inclusive)
Seniors 16 years and over

Minimum age for horse/pony: 4 years (training) and 4 years (competition) up to Group 3 level. 5 years for Group 2 & 1 level.

Minimum horse/pony height: no restriction.

Riders Dress
Riding hats must conform to current Safety standards PAS015, EN1384. No fixed peaks.

Body Protectors must confirm to safety standards.

Medical cards must be worn for both Training and competitions.

Horse/Pony Equipment
No artifical aids or gadgets are permitted (draw reins, Market Harboroughs etc).

Running martingales only.

Bits – no current restrictions.

Cavesson, Flash, Drop or Grakle Nosebands only.

Competition Rules Summary
All riders must be a member of JumpCross in order to compete at all sites.

> Knock-down 20 penalties for each knock-down.
> Refusal 50 penalties for each refusal. (Two refusals at the same fence and you will be asked to move on to the next fence).
> 6 refusals around the course - Elimiation
> Rider fall - Elimiation
> Horse fall - Elimiation

Course Design
Courses will be approximately 1500m -2km in length and include up to 25 jumping obstacles, all of similar colour, but of variable style and technicality.
The course will combine the thrill of cross-country, with the technicality of showjumping.
Normally, at the last fence, there is an option to jump the joker fence, this is approximately 6 inches higher than the rest of the course. If you clear the joker, 40 penalties will be taken off your score. If you knock it down, 40 penalties will be added to your final score.

Each riders score is calculated by taking their time to complete the complete course (in seconds) and adding on any penalties for knock-downs and refusals and penalties added or deducted for jumping the joker. The rider with the lowest score is the winner.
For the team (2 horse/riders), the lowest combined score wins.
For the Pony Club/Riding Club team competitions , the best three scores from each team will be combined and the lowest combined score wins.

Full Rules & Regulations of JumpCross are detailed in the JumpCross Rulebook which is issued to all JumpCross members.

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