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Our search for JumpCross Heroes has resulted in a huge response and we are delighted to share some of the stories with you.

News from Paige Staff in Norfolk

Hi, Team JumpCross, I saw this opportunity advertised in PONY Magazine and decided that it sounded like the kind of thing I wanted to be a part of. Therefore, I would like to share my JumpCross experience with you.

I attended my first JumpCross competition at the end of 2010, and (unfortunately for me) the show I attended happened to be the last show of the season in my area.

However, rather than forgetting about it, my first JumpCross experience had left me wanting more! Quickly, I became a member and regularly competed at almost every competition at the venue in my area - The Priory, Aldeby.

By nature, I am a showjumper, as I have a strong aversion to cross country due to the 'solid fences' aspect. JumpCross has enabled me to experience the buzz and the thrill of cross country without any danger!

Since seriously starting my first JumpCross season at the beginning of 2011, my confidence has rocketed and so has my pony's. We enjoyed the pairs class on one of the Nervous and Novice days, and went in full out pink, fluffy fancy dress for the last show of the season in aid of Breast Cancer Research UK.

To top it all off, in Novembe my pony and I won and were placed in our two JumpCross classes at the end of season presentation!

I believe that JumpCross is an ingenious invention, as it suits anyone, no matter what age, ability or pony they have! It is the only event where I am able to take both my slightly more experienced, trustworthy pony and my pony who has never been competed out of the show jumping ring.

It is the type of sport where one person can go to build up their confidence and skill level (as I have found that JumpCross has improved my determination, drive and cross country skills) and where another person can go and seriously compete.

I also believe that JumpCross does not get the amount of credit and publicity it deserves, and I would love to be a part of raising awareness about the sport of JumpCross, specifically to younger people whom I can relate with.

Lauren Bleach writes

My name is Lauren Bleach and I have been riding for four years. I feel very passionate about jumping and especially JumpCross. When I was younger I lost all my confidence and would not jump any higher than about half a foot.

Then I met Bramble who has totally brought my confidence back and the highest I have jumped on her is about 2.9ft!

This little chestnut pony has brought so much joy to my world. When I jump on her I feel free, like nothing could make me any happier. I used to get bullied and jumping gave me an adrenaline rush, it was the only thing that made me smile.

Cantering from jump to jump the only thing that matters is you, your horse and the jump in front of you. Bramble is my JumpCross Hero and always will be.