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JumpCross Hero Profile – Stuart Muirhead

Stuart Muirhead (13), who is part of the South West Scotland Junior Academy, is an avid JumpCross fan attending as many training and competitions as he can.

Here we find out more about Stuart and his love for JumpCross...

Tell us about your background in riding:
I've been riding since I was five-years-old, my first pony was a 12hh grey mare called April. April belongs to my mum's friend Sarah and we had her on loan for a couple of years until I got too big. I still ride April when I get the chance; it's a good laugh because she loves to go for a gallop in the field.

My second pony was Jazz, a 13hh mare. She was a great show jumper and also loved JumpCross and Cross-Country.

My current pony is Diesel, we’ve had him just over three years now, we bought him as a six-year-old. We mainly showjump at BSJA shows locally and go to all the local agricultural shows in the summer.

We are part of the South West Scotland Junior Academy and recently qualified to jump for Scotland at Weston Lawns, near Coventry. During the spring and summer we like to have a change from jumping coloured poles and have a go at JumpCross and Cross Country, when the weather allows.

Tell us about your pony:
Diesel is a real character; I think he should actually have been a dog! He begs for food and doesn't leave you alone when you are eating or drinking, he wants a bit of everything. His favourite is IRN-BRU and chips and curry sauce!

He bows, lifts his front hoof to say please and paws the ground to count out his age. His favourite trick is when he is in the line up waiting for his rosette he likes to rear up. He is such an attention seeker. He's 13.2hh but thinks he's a 17hh stallion!

How did you get into JumpCross?
We first went to JumpCross over four years ago when I had Jazz, she started refusing show jumps all the time so we thought she needed to do something different and that's how we found out about JumpCross.

We went along to Greenfields of Avondale and had a great time, Jazz loved it and so did I. It was one of the first things I did with Diesel when I got him, he is so good at it and we have loads of fun as well as it being great for his fitness.

What it is about the sport you like?
Diesel and I just love being able to get the thrill of going round a sort of cross-country course without my mum panicking that we'll get hurt!

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