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Could you be a JumpCross venue?

If you are interested in JumpCross, either as a competitor or a potential site, we would very much like to hear from you! We are very keen to bring the sport of JumpCross closer to YOU!. In order to make JumpCross more accessible to riders, we are always on the look out for new venues throughout the UK.

Establishing a JumpCross site in your area could be the opening to a whole new enterprise. If you posses the following qualities a JumpCross site would be perfect for you:

Enjoy organising equestrian events, perhaps you already run a livery or competition yard and have a professional attitude and sound equine knowledge

About 8-10 acres of grassland for a course that ideally would run over varying terrain. We can make full use of features such as hills and water

Access to BHS qualified instructors who can become JumpCross instructors and teach and training days

Easy road access for lorries and trailiers, with additional space for a lorry park and warm-up area

Enthusiasm and time to help a new and exciting sport grow in popularity, a small investment is required to establish a site and be part of an international organisation and sport

If you are interested yourself in finding out more about becoming a JumpCross site or you know of an existing site, perhaps a local cross-country course and you think they may be interested, please do get in touch with us here at JumpCross Headquarters , tel: 01780 782356 or email office@jumpcross.com

JumpCross venues

JumpCross venues